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Where a chef's dreams come to life.

Charlotte's 1st Restaurant Accelerator

FAM was founded by Austin Helms & Mike Griffin (Griffin Brothers Companies) in August 2016. We are seeking approval to have FAM in the old A&P site on West Trade St. The 18,000 sqft building will have three components, an innovative food-hall, a music hall, and a community center.

The main concept is a restaurant accelerator that will funnel four ‘Chefpreneurs’ through a rigrous 12-month program. FAM will be open 6 days/week and the 7th day will be used for the ‘Chefpreneurs’ to learn how to run a successful restaurant. It’s our goal to make the ‘Chefpreneurs’ dream of owning their own restaurant and turn it into a reality. 


1606 West Trade St
Charlotte, North Carolina


What is FAM?
  • FAM is a state-of-the-art restaurant accelerator program that gives four passionate chefs aka “Chefpreneurs” the opportunity to own their own their own restaurant
  • FAM will consist of four different chefs with four different backgrounds, and four different cuisine
  • We like to explain it as a “Food Truck meets a Food Court”
  • FAM will also feature a unique music hall & community center, which will be named by the community.
How will the FAM team decide the “Chefpreneurs” who will be selected into the program?
  • The application process will have two phases: an online application, and a video application.
  • Once the FAM building is under construction we will release an extensive application for anyone interested in applying. Please send Austin Helms an email if you are interested in applying, Austin@griffinbros.com
  • If your application is one of the top 20, you will be entered into an online voting process, which will allow “Charlotte to pick their next chef”
  • At this time, we will divide the Top 20 into four categories.
  • If your application makes it to the voting round, you’ll be asked to provide us with a video of why you believe you deserve a spot as a “Chefpreneur.”
  • Once voting is complete, the Top 4 “Chefpreneurs” will be selected into the inaugural FAM class.
What kind of cuisines will FAM showcase?
  • All kinds! It all depends on the applicants cuisines.
  • Each “Chefpreneur” that is selected will represent a different cuisine and menu
What kind of music will FAM showcase?
  • We are still searching for the right partner to champion the music hall, but see it as a diverse group of music.
  • If you have experience or know anyone who is interested in managing a music hall, please contact Austin Helms.
Will there be an outdoor activity space?
  • FAM will have an incredible outdoor space with games, activities, outdoor seating, and more!
Will the Historic West End Community be involved with the design?
  • Yes!
  • We want to activate the outdoor space with art, history, and do this with the help of community leaders and artists. Feel free to reach out to Austin Helms if you have any ideas with art, design, etc.
When will FAM open?
  • We are hopeful to open ASAP! Please stay tuned on our progress

Want to be a Chefpreneur?

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Email: austin@griffinbros.com
Phone: (828) 448-5521